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Fuel surcharge

An integrated fuel surcharge will amount to 13.5% from November 1, 2017.

A fuel surcharge depends on the prices for aviation and diesel fuel and applies to all delivery service rates. This surcharge allows responding quickly to sudden changes in prices, which is a convenient alternative to constant adjustments of basic rates.


  • Data on fuel prices are publicly available on the website of the Federal State Statistics Service. .
    The information on kerosene-type jet fuel prices is available here.
  • The average price for each fuel type for 2 months before the billing period is calculated as per the official data.
  • The obtained data are inserted into a table, which helps to calculate a fuel surcharge.

The aggregate fuel surcharge

A fuel surcharge applies only to basic services, but not to additional services.

The information about the current fuel surcharge shall be published on our website.

All the rates are listed on the PONY EXPRESS website without including the current fuel surcharge. The PONY EXPRESS reserves the right to unilaterally change the fuel surcharge amount without prior notice. The amount, calculation and application methods as well as validity period of the surcharge shall be established by the company.  

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