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Dangerous shipment

We can transport dangerous goods under a contract with legal entities. The order should be placed through a Personal Account by completing a courier request form with an appropriate note. Please, place your request in advance because it needs to be processed in the Department of Non-Standard Orders. Dangerous goods are charged at a premium of 1.8. Our contact telephone number is +7 800-100-76-69.


1. The sender must submit a courier request application in advance through a Personal Account with highlighting the field “Dangerous goods” till 10.30 am of the current day.

2. The Department of Non-Standard Orders will consider your application for the possibility of its transportation and contact you within 6 hours, but during business hours.

3. By the arrival of a courier, you should prepare an invoice with highlighting the field “Dangerous goods”.

4. The PONY EXPRESS will issue a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods, pack, mark, and provide with appropriate labels according to the technical specifications and GOST 26319-84 “Dangerous Goods. Packaging”.

5. The service is available to the customers working with the PONY EXPRESS under a contract.

6. Dangerous goods can be transported only for non-cash payment.

We inform you that according to the Technical Instructions for Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air (Doc 9284 - AN / 905) entered into force on January 01, 2013 (amended in 2013 - 2014) and issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the goods containing lithium batteries (lithium-ion batteries and lithium metal batteries, including those contained in any equipment, such as laptops, cell phones, etc.) are now considered to be dangerous goods.

The new rules for air transportation apply to a large number of electronic equipment powered by lithium batteries, regardless of whether they are rechargeable (lithium ion) or non-rechargeable (lithium metal). The rules shall apply in the following cases:

  • Lithium batteries are packed and shipped as separate elements
  • Lithium batteries are packed separately, but shipped together with the equipment in one box. Example: a cell phone with a separately packed lithium battery.
  • Lithium batteries are part of the equipment or installed in the equipment and are therefore shipped in the same box. Example: a tablet computer with a built-in lithium battery, which cannot be dismantled or replaced by a user.

In order to improve the safety of air transportations, the ICAO rules regulating the transportation of lithium batteries became stricter, so the airlines must fully comply with them.

Please pay special attention to the fact that safe transportation of such content by air and full compliance with the ICAO rules is the legal responsibility of a shipper. Any natural or legal person, hereinafter named as the shipper on the PONY EXPRESS invoice, is legally responsible for ensuring full compliance with the updated ICAO rules. This responsibility remains even in the cases, when the goods containing lithium batteries, do not actually belong to a person or an entity listed in the invoice as the shipper.

Please warn the employees of PONY EXPRESS every time when you plan to send any goods containing lithium batteries.

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