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Delivery without consolidation

A delivery service of internet orders without consolidation by the e-shop. This is a unified process that includes the acceptance of goods from suppliers of the e-shop, processing of orders without consolidation at our terminal with further delivery to customers. Payments are made on the next day after acceptance of goods from suppliers.

Service Features:


unified process performed by one party


substantial saving of storage and consolidation costs


integration with one supplier


uniform tariff for order logistics


payment to a courier in cash or by card


delivery in evenings and weekends

Deliveries per month Weight Tariffs
Moscow - Мoscow Moscow - МR1
МR1 - Моscow
Моscow- МR2
МR2 – Моscow
МR1 - МR2
200-249 3 kg 340 390 500
add. 1 kg 17 20 24
250-299 3 kg 270 315 400
add. 1 kg 14 16 19
300-399 3 kg 255 290 375
add. 1 kg 13 15 18
400-499 3 kg 240 270 350
add. 1 kg 12 14 17
from 500 3 kg 220 250 325
add. 1 kg 11 13 16

МR1 – inhabited localities of Moscow Region within the 50-km radius from the MKAD Moscow Ring Road
МR2 - inhabited localities of Moscow Region beyond the 50-km radius from the MKAD Moscow Ring Road
Tariffs are valid for e-shops customers, if the dispatch quantity exceeds 200 units per month
The above tariffs are given in rubles, excluding VAT
Maximum weight of an order is 20 kg
COD service is charged separately

Service Limitations


20 kg max / 1 delivery


Orders are accepted and delivered across Moscow and Moscow Region.

Time of Delivery

Delivery term depends on when your supplier provides the goods and where your address is. If the goods were accepted from the supplier on previous day before 18.00, the orders of the clients located in Moscow and Moscow Region within the 50-km radius from the MKAD Moscow Ring Road will be delivered on the next working day. The orders to Moscow Region’s sites located beyond the 50-km radius from the MKAD Moscow Ring road will be delivered within two working days


Courier must be paid for the delivery in full. Partial payment for the order is not allowed.

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