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Delivery to Pickup Points

Buyers can collect their orders at pickup points and lockers – up-to-date alternative to a courier delivery.

Benefits of the service:

Unified service

Unified service

One-stop delivery model

Easy integration

Easy integration

Convenient ready-made solution for API integration

Cost saving

Cost saving

Saving on delivery costs

Unique rates

Unique rates

Bespoke rates from 99 RUB, VAT excluded

Customer friendly widget

Customer friendly widget

Integrated PONY EXPRESS widget

Safe delivery <

Safe delivery

Additional safety of deliveries


  • Possibility to choose the location of a pickup point / locker
  • Over 1000 pickup points in Moscow and rest of Russia with an easy-to-reach location
  • Buyers can choose convenient time and location to collect their orders
  • Option to pay by cash or a credit card

Map of the pickup points


  • Collection of online orders at the customer’s warehouse
  • Handling at PONY EXPRESS terminal: sorting and labeling
  • Delivery to lockers or pickup points
  • Receipt of the orders
  • Return upon expiration of the storage period

Service limitations

  • Weight of the order shall not exceed 15 kg.
  • One order – one package.
  • Value of the order shall not exceed 50 000 RUB
  • Storage time of the lockers – 3 day, pickup points – 7 days


Sum of dimensions of the order shall not exceed 150 cm for the pickup point option. Dimensions of locker slots:

  • Slot S 42,5х36,2х9,5 cm.
  • Slot M 42,5х36,2х20,5 cm.
  • Slot L 42,5х36,2х32,5 cm.

Cash on delivery

PONY EXPRESS can handle payments with individual buyers. Cash on delivery option is available for clients signing the agreement for “Delivery to pickup points”. The service is available at additional cost – 2.5% (VAT included) from the transaction value. Payment can be made by cash and credit cards.

From January 1, 2019, the cost of the service will be 2,12% (VAT included) from the transaction value. Payment can be made by cash and credit cards.

Sign the agreement

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