Москва и область

Carriage of goods by rail

We supply different types of rolling stock, as well as deliver different categories of goods by rail. We supply rolling stock and arrange transportation throughout Russia and Belarus.


  • Vast delivery geography restricted only by the capability of Russian Railways
  • Economic viability for delivery of non-urgent cargoes throughout the Russian Federation and Belarus
  • Broad options of rolling stock
  • Door-to-door delivery by road if required
  • Temporary storage on railway stations
  • Effective transportation of heavy loads and large cargoes

Detailed description of the service

PONY EXPRESS transports goods of different categories by rail. Today, the accessibility of the railway network infrastructure in Russia is unrivalled. We are able to organize even the most complex delivery by rail, to help with the choice of the optimal route, and to organize handling operations at the points of loading and unloading.

PONY EXPRESS is able to organize transportation throughout Russia and Belarus on flat wagons, railroad cars, low-sided cars and in containers. In addition, we provide rolling stock, as well as manage the handling operations, including the fixing of cargoes to the rolling stock. Consolidated transportation by rail will help you to reduce significantly your transport logistics costs.

We deliver all types of goods, including large and heavy loads, temperature sensitive and dangerous goods, cars and specialized vehicles. PONY EXPRESS offers its customers a service of an integrated supply chain in order to use the most cost-effective logistics solutions at each stage of the movement of the goods.

Additional services

  • Handling operations at the points of loading and unloading and at railheads
  • Attachment of cargoes onto universal platforms.
  • Cost-effective routing and multimodal transportation of cargoes by using vehicles of different capacity and the railway
  • Temporary storage at PONY EXPRESS, terminals, our partners’ terminals, and at railheads if required
  • Transportation of temperature sensitive and dangerous goods
  • Return of support documentation
Service restrictions

  • The limitations of the Russian Railways and availability of appropriate infrastructure
  • Cargoes that are legally forbidden to be carried by rail
  • Live cargo (animals, fish, birds, people)
  • Human remains, ashes
  • Firearms and other weapons, ammunition
  • Objects imitating firearms and other weapons, ammunition
  • Bullion
  • Cash, jewelry, adornments, precious stones
  • Objets d’Art, antiques

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