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3PL stands for Third Party Logistics. In fact, it is the synonym of logistic outsourcing.  

3PL-services of PONY EXPRESS are integrated solutions customized to the needs of a particular business. 

3PL services include:

  • Acceptance of goods from a client’s suppliers

  • Transportation to a warehouse

  • Safe storage:

  1. shelf storage of palletized goods

  2. floor storage of oversized goods

  3. fine-meshed storage on mezzanine

  • Inventory accounting and management

  • Warehouse processing

  • Order arrangement of any complexity

  • Transportation arrangement and management (urban or regional)

  • Execution of supporting documentation

  • Co-packing

  • Presale preparation

  • Shipment to a client’s customer

  • Delivery to a final consumer or to a point of sale (last mile) 

Technical specifications of our warehouse assets:

  • Class A+ terminals

  • Ceiling height of 12 m, column grid of 12 x 24 m

  • High throughput

  • Up-to-date fire-fighting systems

  • Secured near-storage area

  • Parking area


  • Automated warehouse management system “1C: WMS”

  • Possible integration with the customer’s IT-systems.

Working hours:

24/7 basis, including holidays. 

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