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PONY EXPRESS extends its warehouses capacity

15 July 2019

PONY EXPRESS extends the capacity of existing warehouses in Moscow, Sankt Petersburg and Krasnodar. In May the company started to provide secure storage and warehousing at a rented facility in Krasnodar on 1200 m2. In June PONY EXPRESS extended its warehouse in Moscow region to the total mark of 22 500 palettes. Till the end of July warehouse in Sankt Petersburg will grow another 6 000 pallets.

Today, PONY EXPRESS provides its contract logistics services in 6 Russian cities: in Moscow, Sankt Petersburg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan and Kemerovo. The company’s strategy aims at having storage capacities in all major cities with more than 1 million inhabitants in 5 years.

Elena Golovach, Contract logistics Director of PONY EXPRESS:

  • PONY EXPRESS is universal logistics provider able to satisfy any request of its customer from the first to the last mile. Our development strategy based on combining industrial standards with customization to provide both b2c and b2b segments integrated solutions: warehousing, transportation and delivery.

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