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PONY EXPRESS opens office in Turkey

06 December 2018

PONY EXPRESS opens its first office in Turkey. Located in Istanbul the company’s office provides service coverage for the whole country. It is planned to open two new offices in Bursa and Antalya till the end of 2019.

Geographic expansion is the part of PONY EXPRESS strategy to strengthen its presence in countries with strong export and import potentials and to provide response to multiple requests fr om its customers.

Shipping time for deliveries from Istanbul to all major Turkish cities starts from 1 working day. The opening of the branch also results in widening the list of available services, unification of prices and application of the company’s quality standards for the territory.

Documents and parcels with minimal weight of 0,5 kg can be already sent to and from Turkey by companies and private customers in Russia and neighboring countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania. Moldavia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Sergey Sergushev, acting Operational director of PONY EXPRESS:

  • Major Turkish ecom companies start to enter new markets more and more actively while at the same time the Turkish market itself has great potential: a lot of middle and small foreign companies are looking for new ways to deliver their goods and services to the country. By offering express delivery with optimal quality at fair price we aim at satisfying this high demand. There is no doubt that private customers and business in all countries wh ere we are present will enjoy this new option.

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