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PONY EXPRESS starts to deliver with SkyBOX

27 November 2018

PONY EXPRESS starts cooperation with SkyBOX service. SkyBOX, formed in 1991, is a cross-border shopping facilitator, where Russian clients pay a membership fee to have a suite number with a physical address in Miami and London for their internet or catalog purchases from anywhere in the world. This means that all the products bought by clients can be delivered by SkyBOX directly to their homes or offices.

PONY EXPRESS will take care about delivery inside Russia and provide support to all Russian speaking SkyBOX users on all questions regarding service operations.

Dmitry Nikolaev, head of business development in Europe and Northern America, PONY EXPRESS;

  • SkyBOX is reliable and convenient service. At this time, it has more than 250 000 registered members and currently ships to 52 countries. We are absolutely sure that it will be well appreciated by Russian shoppers as well.

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