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PONY EXPRESS purchased a batch of vehicles from “GAZ Group” as a custom order

28 February 2017 Notice

PONY EXPRESS purchased 19 new vehicles produced by the “GAZ Group”.

In the first batch of vehicles designed by custom order of a logistics operator there were “GAZel NEXT” panel vans with increased height of the roof designed for the transportation of oversize loads. Mounting of fiberglass top adjustment allowed to increase payload volume of a freight van from 13.5 to 15.5 cubic meters.
Besides, this batch includes “GAZel NEXT” and “GAZon NEXT” insulated vans designed for the transportation of products which are sensitive to the impact of the environment and requires particular temperature conditions. For the convenience of handling operations, all insulated vans are equipped with tail lifts. In addition to standard configuration, “GAZon NEXT” are equipped with tachographs to monitor drivers’ work- and-rest ratio. All vehicles manufactured under a custom order of PONY EXPRESS are branded and colored in accordance with corporate standards of the company.

Yury Kelebeev, operations director of PONY EXPRESS:

  • The project which we implement together with the “GAZ Group” is unique for Russia. So far, no other national logistics company has designed its own modifications for custom vehicles with due regard to maximum compliance with business demands. We are satisfied with the quality of GAZ vehicles and the implementation of our specific requests. Today, our fleet of vans includes over 1,100 vehicles, and we are prepared to replenish it with new modern equipment. PONY EXPRESS is planning to purchase 25 more specially equipped vehicles of GAZ brand.

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