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PONY EXPRESS became logistics operator of Otto Group Russia

28 February 2017 Notice

Otto Group Russia chose PONY EXPRESS one of its main logistics operators for deliveries goods from the web stores included to the Group.

The companies have already carried out IT integration of their information systems, which will allow to monitor the flow of goods, the terms of delivery, logistics of refunds and transfers of payments. Besides, the companies developed, tested and approved a multi-step system of authentication and notification of web-stores’ clients as to order status. The test stage of cooperation between PONY EXPRESS and Otto Group Russia, which lasted during 6 months in 53 cities of Russia, now came to a close. The test stage demonstrated full compliance of PONY EXPRESS service with high standards of Otto Group Russia. At present, the companies work on expansion of delivery geography.

Lyudmila Harlamova, development director of outbound logistics in Otto Group Russia:

  • We place pretty high demands on the service of delivery and the quality of logistics operations, therefore the launch of a project with PONY EXPRESS has been conducted on a phased basis, with polishing up of every single process. During the test stage PONY EXPRESS demonstrated its flexibility, responsibility and genuine interest in the development of long-term farsighted cooperation. Up to date, we may say with certainty that PONY EXPRESS fully conforms to the standards of Otto Group Russia.

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