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PONY EXPRESS Launches a Logistics Center in Vladivostok

18 March 2016 Events

PONY EXPRESS has launched a logistics center in Vladivostok.

The area of the center is 660 sq. m. It is located at 21 Pogranichnaya street, and has convenient transport links with the seaport, the railway station, and the airport.

On the basis of this logistics terminal, our company will provide services on all operating activities, such as express delivery, 3PL-services, and visa services. In addition, it will process parcels from China’s online shops. The capacity of the new PONY EXPRESS logistics platform is more than 150,000 parcels per month. The logistics terminal will serve as a 3PL business development center of the company in the Primorsky Territory. PONY EXPRESS launches warehouse and processing services in Vladivostok, including oversized cargo processing.

Previously, the company's branch in Vladivostok operated in three venues located in different areas of the city, which complicated operative handling and required additional costs for inter-department cooperation. Combined services made it possible to optimize costs and increase productivity. Thus, the time of processing long-distance deliveries has decreased by 40%, and by 50% on intracity deliveries.

Georgy Alikoshvili, Chief Executive Officer of PONY EXPRESS group of companies:
"Launching the logistics terminal in Vladivostok is another step in the implementation of the company's strategy to develop PONY EXPRESS as a universal logistics operator. Developing warehouse logistics on the basis of this site will allow us to expand the range of services we provide to our customers and partners in the region. The new terminal will play a key role in the development of the company's operations in cross-border trade."

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