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Students from Kingston London University study the experience of PONY EXPRESS

21 January 2016 Events

Today PONY EXPRESS hosted students from MBA and Executive MBA Kingston London University. As part of the «Learning through Experience» course, they decided to find out how PONY EXPRESS, an express delivery company, had managed to become one of the largest universal logistics operators in Russia and the CIS. In addition, our guests were interested in the synergy of the Company’s logistics and visa businesses.

Georgy Alikoshvili, Director General of PONY EXPRESS, and Natalya Yevseyenko, Director of the Company’s Visa Services Department, answered the students’ questions.

Georgy spoke on the way the company’s strategy is currently implemented by development of new activities—warehouse logistics, freight, industrial logistics solutions.

«Nowadays, our customers understand that an arrangement when one company is engaged in delivery to a warehouse, another is responsible for storage, the third one packs, and the fourth company delivers it to the customer, etc., is no longer efficient. The main requirement for a logistics operator is versatility. And PONY EXPRESS meets this requirement,» said Georgy Alikoshvili.

Natalya Evseyenko described how in 2015, a year of crisis for the tourism industry, the company managed to achieve revenue growth in the Visa Service business area.

The company opened the first Russian multi-visa center fully equipped for taking biometric data and launched visa services in Belarus. «We have ambitious plans for the current year and we plan to continue our growth,» said Natalya.

Once all the questions were answered, the students from Kingston London University were taken on a tour to PONYEXPRESS Visa Center in Moscow.

The Company’s plans include continuation of active cooperation with students from both international and educational institutions.

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