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PONY EXPRESS comes into the market of the Republic of Belarus

02 February 2015

On the 2nd of February PONY EXPRESS Group became operational in the Republic of Belarus. We opened our offices in two of the republic’s largest cities: Minsk and Vitebsk. As of now PONY EXPRESS representative offices provide Belarus citizens with visa procurement services to the following countries: Latvia, Spain, Estonia, France, Netherlands, as well as Poland and Slovenia. The company plans to serve 50 000 customers in 2015.

The price of processing one visa claim with PONY EXPRESS equals 18 Euros (20% VAT included), it is to be paid in Belarussian Roubles at the exchange rate of the National bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day of payment. Representative offices of PONY EXPRESS are situated: in Minsk – at Surazhskaya street, 10; in Vitebsk – Chernyakhovskogo avenue, 6.

PONY EXPRESS plans to expand its range of services in Belarus by opening express mail and cargo delivery offices. The company will provide both domestic and international deliveries.

Georgi Alikoshvili, Director General of the PONY EXPRESS Group of companies has made the following statement:
‘The market of the Republic of Belarus is strategically important for further development of the company’s operations in the CIS. Our aim is not mere representation, but becoming one of the leading commercial logistics operators in the country in 5 years’ time. We value stable and trust relationships with our partners in the Republic of Belarus and we strive to make sure that cooperation with PONY EXPRESS would be advantageous and comfortable for the citizens and businesses of the country.’

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