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PONY EXPRESS adopts Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

17 February 2015

In the framework of the new business strategy implementation PONY EXPRESS modernizes its information systems, bringing them into line with the new business needs.

To ensure effective professional engagement and interaction with its clients, the company adopts an innovative IT-solution: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This software product will enable the company to improve systematization of real and potential clients database, including requests handling, managing business processes of sales, marketing and contact-center at the Moscow office, as well as 186 branch establishments and representative offices in 7 countries of the world.

Inna Romanioli, PONY EXPRESS commercial director has made the following statement:
‘Nowadays our company is growing rapidly in several segments of the logistic market: warehouse storage and processing, routing, forwarding, haulage.
We have designed and implemented integrated logistic solutions and specialized services for distance selling companies. The rapidly growing and significantly modernized business calls for new IT-solutions, allowing us to maintain and improve the quality of PONY EXPRESS customer care in the context of dynamically growing client base and the constantly expanding product range of ours. Taking into account the vast geographic footprint of our regional network and the priority of providing personalized services for each client, we have chosen to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This software solution will enable us to create a shared information space across the presence regions of PONY EXPRESS, and will improve the intra-company cooperation between the client-oriented divisions of the company.’

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