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PONY EXPRESS to Deliver High-Value Goods

27 November 2015 Events

PONY EXPRESS started providing the services for transportation of high-value goods.

The universal logistics operator PONY EXPRESS has developed and implemented an industrial solution called «High-Value Cargo», which allows transporting and delivering valuable items, such as precious metal and stones wares, watches, premium electronics and other expensive goods.

The service is available to manufacturers and sellers in 12,000 places of the Russian Federation, as well as in case of delivery from Russia to Kazakhstan. The delivery time is one business day or more.

High-value goods are processed in the specially equipped premises of the PONY EXPRESS terminals. There is a secured area with limited access and additional video control for the processing of such goods.

Such goods are transported in a special package with protection system. All high-value goods are insured, and their acceptance and delivery is accompanied by armed guards, if required.

The right of PONY EXPRESS to carry out the operations with precious metals and stones shall be confirmed with Special Registration Certificate No.0160029429 issued by the State Assaying Chamber of the Ministry of Finance.

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