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PONY EXPRESS Offers New Year Gift Arrangement

04 December 2015 Events

The PONY EXPRESS Logistics Operator offers the service called New Year Gift Arrangement. This service includes the delivery of gift components from a customer, creating gift sets, selecting optimal packaging, arranging invoices and delivery of finished gifts throughout the service area, including to a certain time and hand delivery. The service is provided on the basis of own Class A+ logistics terminals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The time of order execution is one business day or more

Margarita Tarasova, Marketing Director of PONY EXPRESS:

  • Most companies prepare New Year gifts for their colleagues, customers and partners. We constantly receive requests for the arrangement and delivery of gift sets. Logically, taking into account the current demand, we offer a new service that will be standard. We will provide the services for the arrangement and delivery of gifts not only for New Year, but also for Christmas, Defender's Day, March 8, and other holidays. I am sure that the service will be in demand and will help our partners save time and money.

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