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PONY EXPRESS Becomes an Official Logistics Operator of ZENDEN Shoe Stores

21 December 2015 Events

The PONY EXPRESS has entered into an agreement with ZENDEN shoe store network to provide safe storage and warehouse management on the basis of Class A+ Logistics Terminal in Bulatnikovo (Moscow area).

Taking into account the nature of ZENDEN business, the loading in high season will reach 1,500 cubic meters. Warehouse management includes handling operations, acceptance by quantity, quality and assortment, order preparation, arrangement of supporting documentation, and reporting.
IT-integration between the information systems of the two companies has already completed. Applications, transaction confirmations, creation and sending of approved reports and billing are processed automatically.

For the storage of ZENDEN goods, the PONY EXPRESS uses different technologies, such as shelf storage of palletized goods (EUR pallet of 1.8 m height), semi-palletized storage - goods of less than 0.9 m in height, picking area (order preparation) and storage area of finished orders.

The Partnership Agreement between PONY EXPRESS and ZENDEN Trade and Industrial Holding is effective till the end of 2016 with the potential for renewal.

Aleksandr Sarychev, Director of ZENDEN Retail Network:

 - Cooperation with the PONY EXPRESS is a logical step in the development of our company. Outsourcing of non-core working processes is not only the way of financial optimization, but also the opportunity to focus on the major tasks to improve the quality of our network. We are pleased to have found a partner with high professionalism and business reputation based on high-quality services. Our agreement provides great opportunities for further co-development, both in terms of geographical expansion and new technologies and process automation. In the near future, we are going to conclude a contract for the delivery of our goods to the regions and to the stores in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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