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For over 28 years, the company has successfully implemented projects in postal services, express delivery, cargo transportation, and warehouse logistics. While actively developing cross-border and multi-modal areas, the company specializes in creating industrial solutions for different economy sectors.
Today, the company serves more than 40,000 localities in more than 220 countries and territories around the world.
PONY EXPRESS infrastructure includes 138 express centers (the company’s own branches and representative offices). More than 7,000 partners’ give away points and postamats are available to customers.
The total area of logistic terminals and warehouses is 77,600 sq. m.
The company’s car fleet includes more than 1,300 vehicles.
The company has more than 4,000 employees.

The company handles over 11 million shipments annually.

Since 2007, PONY EXPRESS has been providing visa services (the USA, Japan, Latvia, China, and Singapore).
Today, PONY EXPRESS network of visa application centers includes 118 offices throughout its countries of operation.

In 2019, the company launched PONY MARKET (Mail Forwarding).
The service helps Russian customers to have access to a wide range of goods and offers of online stores and marketplaces in the United States.
It allows customers to purchase goods considered unique in the Russian market and to receive them via the express delivery channel (door to door delivery by courier or to the nearest parcel give away point or postamat).



  • express delivery (express, delivery by certain time, same-day delivery)
  • economy delivery
  • international delivery (export and import)
  • 3PL
  • FTL


  • delivery for Russian online stores (express, same-day, delivery in 2 hours) courier door to door delivery by courier or to the nearest parcel give away point or postamat
  • cross-border delivery for foreign online stores
  • full scope solutions (from the first to the last mile) for foreign partners
  • fulfillment
  • marketplace development and support



License for the provision of postal services
Certificate of Inclusion into Register of Customs Representatives

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
Registered in the personal data operators register under No. 77-15-003430.

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